Growing more veggies this year? So are we, and here's our secret to longer lasting veggies.

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To invest in better solutions to everyday challenges and make them accessible to everyone, starting with healthier air for us all to breathe.

About Us

Aircoal will absorb the smoke in this jar after only 5 minutes. You don't need to imagine what it will do to improve your air quality.

"I really like the multi-purpose nature of your blue product! I cut off a section to put in our diaper pail and no more odour! It really works. I use them in many other areas around the house too.”

Phillipe, Store owner of Duncan Home Hardware

"Backpacking for 4 months now with damp diving and snorkelling equipment...these make all the difference!"

Sacha Berlinguette, avid adventurer

"The Aircoals are awesome!! I haven’t smelled my kitty litter in days now ;)"


Shannon Wetselaar, Owner/Operator Lucky Paws Pet Supply

"My wife suffers from migraine headaches whenever she is around any scented products. Aircoal allows us to have fresher air without any harsh side effects."

Mike Holmes, living with sensitivities

"I've started my painting project and I can definitely tell that there is a reduction in the paint smell overnight...I can tell that they work great!"

Melodie Thuma, concerned mother of toddler

No guessing what Bill's favourite low cost way to clean air is

Endorsed by sports enthusiast Chris Kelsall of Victoria, BC 

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