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*Please note: Hemp rope not included

War on odour?

This is our most powerful deodorizer with more of our premium grade activated plant-based charcoal. The same type of natural charcoals used in the original gas masks of World War 1, is what we chose to wage your war on chemical off-gassing of plastics, chemical scents and biological odours.

Now with 20% more charcoal than before - And even friendlier thanks to a reusable velcro jute sack design that helps all of us divert a little more waste from the landfill.

  • Lasts 6 months to 1 year
  • Cuts defog time
  • Recycles to the soil

How to Use: 

Easy. Just place it anywhere out in the open within your vehicle to start the natural Aircoal deodorization process. But for added defog effect, leave it directly under your front windscreen and DON’T turn on your car’s defogger fan in the morning. (With CarFresh in your car, the defogger will cause crazy is that?)

Refresh/recharge your pouches by putting them outside in the direct sunlight for only 1 hour every 30 days or so.

After about 6-9 months or whenever you notice the odours just won't go away anymore, you'll know it's time to cut open the fabric pouches and release the natural charcoals back into the soil as kind of biochar soil enhancer. Your plants will love it.

What's in it and Why:

180g of Activated Plant Based Carbon goes into every CarFresh™ WHY?

Because we figured you're be sick of that toxic chemical smell coming from your car's plastic interior and the last thing you want to do is to mask it with more fake chemical scents. 


Just because we wanted to give you the best for your car, who says you can't use the best for your House, Boat, RV, Hockey gear, Yoga Bag, Pet Room or wherever your little nose desires...go nuts, clean air, live free.

 *Want to add a rope like in our pictures to dangle your Aircoal?

  1. Just cut a piece of any rope (Jute or Hemp is great) of your choosing
  2. Loop around something like a gearshift or closet rod (get creative)
  3. Tie both ends to a spare bit of pencil or clean popsicle stick that would have otherwise gone to the trash
  4. Open the velcro top to engulf the stick 
  5. Close the velcro over the stick and there you go, just like the pictures (maybe even better)

****Product graphic printed on sack may vary****