FridgePLUS 120G

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The All New FridgePLUS™

  • Lasts 6 months (up to 1 year)
  • Extends the life of your veggies
  • Recycles to your composter or soil

    Why mess with the traditional fridge deodorizer when yours has been working just fine?

    At Aircoal®, we are continually researching ways to assist in the active reduction of our global carbon footprint by innovating longer lasting products that save packaging, save transport and ultimately return to the soil to benefit plant life. FridgePLUS is the direct result of this work.

    Ever ponder by the pale fridge light, exactly how long that box of baking soda has been sitting back on that top shelf?

    We did too, and then we found way to save perfectly good boxes of baking soda from going to the landfill.

    "We don't want you to stop loving your Baking Soda. We just want you to use it to BAKE more delicious cookies."

    Natural charcoals absorb odors just as well and last 6 times longer!

    So why Coconut Charcoal, not wood or even bamboo? 

    Because Coconut Charcoal is more absorbent than the rest and will keep your veggies lasting even longer than most other kinds of charcoal.


    This is how you use it:                                                                           
    1. Tear off the front and rear perforated panels of the box. Take one pouch out and place directly into your crisper drawer.
    2. Leave the second pouch in the box and place the whole box on the top shelf...just like that old box of baking soda.
    3. Every 30-60 days, put both pouches outside in direct sunlight for 1 hour then put them back. Doing this, your FridgePLUS is guaranteed to last at least 6 months. (We say 6 months, but it's closer to 1 year 'cause we rather just under promise)
    4. After the year is up, just cut open the green fabric and release the little charcoals into your garden, composting bin or any house plant. It’s a kind of all natural soil enhancer AKA Plant-Based Biochar.