About us and the few dozen pairs of little shoes that really started this air freshening company on the right foot


Hello, I’m Christopher Tio and we started this little Vancouver Island company that aims to remove pesky odours without using airborne chemicals.

One fine fall morning in 2013, after getting a nose full of our front closet, I decided I'd prefer being awoken by the caffeinated aroma of a warm cup of coffee then the smell of a few dozen little pairs of shoes. So, I set out to find the Holy Grail of all deodorizers. 

What I was looking for was a freshener that really did what you'd expect it to. To freshen air without using any chemicals or scents. Something I started referring to as a “scent-free air freshener.” 

After rummaging through every local air freshener isle and scouring every decent corner of the web, I came upon a Far Eastern tradition that uses bamboo charcoal as precisely this kind of natural, scent-free deodorizer. However, even with credit card ready, I was having a really tough time getting my hands on some. But when finally the first bit of bamboo charcoal did arrive on our doorstep, the daily ritual of holding my breath while opening that dreaded closet vaporized as a thing of the past.

But I was curious. Was this alleged lack of odour an empirically measurable phenomenon or just the imaginary result of my willingness to believe in the unseen?

I then began my ongoing series of experiments involving the activated carbon, VOC meters, gasoline and a jar full of smoke. Surprised and satisfied that this stuff was really working, I became eager to share this discovery with everyone by making it much more accessible than I had found. 

My goal is to provide as many people as I can with the same scent-free solutions we've incorporated into our own home. Safe and healthy deodorizing products that have been tried and tested to make short work of all the annoying odours you would rather not be reminded of just like as those coming from a few dozen pairs of little shoes.

All the best in clean air,

Christopher with Trang and the 4 little shoe collectors that started this company :)