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Does sun through the windshield of a car on the dashboard count as leaving it out in the sun?

Refreshing the pouches is only effective outside of the car since the UV rays are essential to the process. Hanging them out the crack of the window when parked is a great way so as not to forget them. The best practice for any Aircoal product is to leave it outside in the direct sunlight for 1-2 hours. Windows filter out the UV light in most cases so Aircoal will not recharge properly through them. ***Applies to all Aircoal freshening products

There is no sun out right now, how can I start using my Aircoal today?  Even though all our packages recommend starting by putting your pouches out in the sun for 1 hour before you start using them, they will still absorb odours and chemicals right out of the package.  You can open them up and start using them immediately, but just be sure to put them out as soon as you see the Sun out just to ensure they are at maximum strength. ***Applies to all Aircoal freshening products

When will I notice a difference?  We recommend you give Aircoal a 24hr period to do it's job, but many satisfied customers notice a difference within hours.

Can I use Aircoal in a musty basement with very little fresh air?  Yes, unlike chemical air fresheners, Aircoal  is safe in rooms with very little ventilation because it attracts molecules instead of releasing chemicals. ***Original Bamboo (Blue) recommended. 1 opened package for every room up to 150 square feet.

How about in a smelly old wooden trunk? Yes, Aircoal will neutralize that old wood smell and is also anti-fungal, but non-toxic unlike stinky mothballs.  ***Original Bamboo (Blue) recommended. 1 cut segment for every drawer.
 What about bathrooms?  Works great to balance humidity as well in addition to good ventilation.
How about cooking areas?  Yes. put it near and preferably above where you cook. Just make sure it's secure enough that it's not going to fall into your fry pan. ***CarFRESH (Grey) Recommended for maximum cooking smoke/odour absorption. 
Will they help deodorize shoe and jacket closets?  We designed our segmented pouch specifically to be slung over your closet rod or the hanger of your favourite jacket, to keep it and your whole closet smelling a natural, unscented fresh. ***Original Bamboo (Blue) recommended. 1 opened package per every 5' of closet.
I just bought something new that reeks toxic from it's own chemical off gassing.  How can Aircoal help?  Seal the culprit in with 100 g and let Aircoal absorb the chemicals not your lungs. ***FridgePLUS (Green) recommended for maximum absorbancy of chemicals and convenience.
Can it help reduce the new car smell?  Yes, CarFRESH was specifically designed with high grade, activated coconut shell charcoal for maximum absorbency to trap the off gassing of all those plastics that cause many people to feel sick. It's also great to remove old smoke, pet or chemical cleaner smells left in a newly purchased used car.
Is it safe in pillows?  Yes. All Aircoal pouches feature two layers of non woven material that prevents the charcoals from leaking under normal usage conditions.  ***Original Bamboo (Blue) recommended. 1 cut segment for every pillow.