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Frequently asked questions about air freshener trade in offer:

Q. What kind of air fresheners can I trade into your store?


  • smelly chemical kinds of all sorts - used up or new

  • moth balls

  • incense - every 3 sticks is worth $3

  • box of baking soda - used or new

  • candles - every 2 are worth $3 (any size)

  • really, whatever kind you can find around your house; even that old Aircoal you bought last year.

Q. How many can I redeem for the $3 offer.

A. You can only get a maximum of $3 off for each VERSA you buy, but there is no daily or household limit to how many air fresheners you can redeem for $3 each.  Bring in 100 if you like, we have 1000s of VERSAs in stock.

Q. What is the purpose of this offer?

A. Our mission at Aircoal is to replace as many air fresheners out there as possible because we know that the more Aircoal is out there, the cleaner the air will be for you and all those participating to breathe easy and healthy.  Aircoal really does work to absorb chemicals out of your air 24/7 for 365 days.  What else do you have in your house right now that is doing the same?

Q. Where in the world are you located?

A. 161 Swanson Rd. is a city acreage in Nanaimo, BC, home to Aircoal Brand Bamboo Charcoal. Check our home page for the map.  Once you get here, you'll be amazed how close we are and will wonder how it's you've never been out this way before. WELCOME