What makes Aircoal so effective?

Almost every water filtration system uses it. Hospitals have been known administer it to people to draw out ingested poisons. Some take it as supplements for a variety of health reasons. Used in certain bandages, it has been known to reduce the risk of infections. Elite hunters even have special clothing lined with it so as to trap their human scent from scaring off their prey. Others use it as a whitening additive in their toothpaste.

"It" is activated charcoal and it's what gives all Aircoal Fresheners the power to absorb odours and chemicals right out of the air you breathe. 

What makes it so effective is the simple fact that charcoals are all made up of a matrix of microscopic chambers that are really great at attracting and locking in odours and toxic chemicals at a molecular level. The only difference between the various charcoals is how much capacity each kind naturally contains.

Bamboo charcoal has been used for centuries and is still widely respected as a natural, scent-free deodorizer in many far eastern countries. It's versatility and long lasting nature makes Bamboo the perfect affordable, multi-purpose air freshener. Testing has indicated that Bamboo Charcoal as a usability of 12-18 months on a variety of household odors.

Activated Coconut husk charcoal incorporates steam activation technology to open the micro porous structures of the charcoal even further give it a greater absorption rate where cleaning air from impurities quickly is a priority. Testing has indicated that higher absorption Coconut as a usability of 6-9 months and is particularly effective in absorbing toxic gases as well as capturing the natural off-gassing of vegetables that lead to their premature wilting.