Because what else do you have in your house right this minute that is actually absorbing chemicals and odours from the air you are breathing and not off gassing into it?

Even if you're like us and you have long since stopped using chemical air fresheners or scents just make you sick, then you are even more likely to appreciate the difference Aircoal will make to your indoor air quality.  If you are still using chemical air fresheners, just make sure you read all their posted warnings.  You'll probably find that those air fresheners, are really not what you wanted in your home in the first place.

3 motivating factors to use Aircoal:

1. We all love to breathe clean air, but since we can't live in a vacuum, chemicals and odours are coming from every single object around us including the house itself.  

    Aircoal will be one of the only products in your entire home that is NOT releasing any odours and chemicals into your air, but doing just the opposite.

    2. The more Aircoal you use, the more chemicals you are NOT filtering with your own body.

    Each gram of Aircoal has the microscopic surface area equivalent to 1 football field to capture and lock harmful chemicals out of your air supply, preventing your lungs from doing 100% of the work 24/7.  Sounds too simple, and considering that you are breathing in 6 litres of air every minute, it's pretty darrn important. 

    3. More you use, the more carbon is captured to aid the global challenge to fight climate change.

    You can feel confident that Aircoal comes from sustainable bamboo and that after 1 year of cleaning your air indoors, it becomes captured carbon in your own garden soil to nourish your outdoor plants encouraging them to absorb more CO2 out of our planet's air supply.  Helping you, help the planet.

    "Nice idea, but does it really work?" is what you are asking yourself; the answer is in the question that most people ask after using Aircoal.

    "But, HOW can these little pouches REALLY work?"  

    Because they attract and lock in molecules.  As a society, we have all been conditioned to treat odour, as if it were dust particles in air and not as the finely mixed molecular soup that we know it is.  How many times have we all blown odour around by using fans and opening windows?  Opening windows is great, but Mama always said, "We don't live in a barn!"  Then, when we really get fed up or just too cold, we give in to masking all unwanted odours with other overpowering scents, fake or natural.  You're not to blame, sweet smelling products SELL, SELL, SELL themselves as the solution to our odour control woes when their warning labels say just the opposite.

    Consider your AIR like your WATER.  Would you "mask" dirty tap water with sweet drink crystals?  

    "Strawberry flavoured pool water, anyone?"  Yuk, we would simply refuse to drink it and you bet the city would be getting an earful.  Don't we owe it to ourselves to have healthier air in all areas of our home, all the time?

    Aircoal can help you reclaim your right to breathe clean air, back from sweet smelling dirty.

    Aircoal has been tested in Canada using VOC meters to confirm its abilities as a kind of chemical magnet and it helps to think about Aircoal in this  "magnetic" way in order for you to take full advantage of its natural capabilities.  Let's face it, we can never get rid of all the things in our homes that are off gassing into our lungs, but wouldn't it be nice to have something that is actually sharing some of the toxic load for a change?

    Imagine all the great uses you could find within your busy life for something that just sits around and just absorbs odour and chemicals?  Wouldn't you use it in places you can't get fresh air, but wanted it?  Now you don't have to tap into that sea of Air Fresheners with bold warnings like, "Use in well-ventilated rooms away from sleeping areas."  You don't have to resort to something that will make you sick if you use it where you actually need it.  Aircoal just makes sense.

    Why not Aircoal?  

    And if we're not right for you, please consider our bamboo charcoal competitors or other scent free, chemical absorbing alternatives and break free from a "scent to mask odour" culture.  Yes, we care to say it!