Who provides links to their competitors? We do!


Our mission at Aircoal above all else is to help as many people as we can to remove chemical air fresheners from their homes and in doing so help improve the quality life on this planet though better air quality. 

Of course, we are in business to sell our own products, but we are also Canadian, eh?


Being a Canadian and spending the better half of the 80’s in an international boarding school in Kansas, I was incessantly reminded by my American counterparts, that we actually do say "eh" more than you'd think. As annoying as this was at the time, I realized they were right snd along with questions like, “Do you ride around in dog sleds?” these life experiences shaped my view that the world is too big, and too small, not to embrace and celebrate diversity. And not to take things too seriously. 

So, point being?

If you don't find our products cool enough to make you switch to a scent-free air freshening, then maybe you'll find something within the plethora of products from one of our competitors.  Nay, kindred spirits working in their own way towards the common goal of healthier air for you and the ones you care for.  

One way or another, one way and together, we'll work to earn you as our customer too. Hopefully sooner than later, because frankly, we think our stuff is pretty cool, albeit a bit quirky. Like us :)

As much as marketing experts advised us against it, here are links of some other North American Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers that we know of. We call ours “The Scent-Free Air Freshener” BTW. Because isn’t that really what you’re looking for?



Disclaimer: The views expressed on this page, and will always remain an integral part of our shared corporate vision.

Bamboo Botanicals - http://www.bamboobotanicals.ca/

Ever Bamboo - http://everbamboo.com/

Moso Natural - http://www.mosonatural.com/

Purggo - http://purggo.com/

Oh, and if you prefer to buy Aircoal though our Amazon storefront - http://www.amazon.ca/Natural-Charcoal-Freshener-recycles-FULFILLED/dp/B00KHZEEDC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424220491&sr=8-1&keywords=aircoal

We’re also available in the US at Amazon.com.