Multi-Purpose Scent-Free Air Freshener™

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  • Absorbs odors and chemicals
  • Guaranteed to last 1 year
  • Recycles to the soil

    We chose Bamboo for our Scent-Free Air Freshener™ for it's long standing history as the "go to" deodorizer in many parts of the far east, but also because a 1 year usability makes it more affordable than any leading brand of conventional air fresheners.

    At Aircoal®, we are committed to the belief that better indoor air quality should be accessible to everyone and that nobody should have to resort to chemicals to deal with everyday household odor based on price alone.

    Now you can absorb odors along with the chemicals that go unnoticed as they off-gas from all the manufactured bits and products that make up your house and home. Doing so in the most affordable and healthy way possible.

    You can feel confident knowing that Aircoal® products are packaged and tested in Canada (right here on Vancouver Island) and designed exclusively by Canadians for North American ease of use. Backed by our Money Back Guarantee. 

    Here is how easy it is to use:
    PROP it on any flat surface.

    Perfect in all your rooms to keep your air both fresh and healthy by aborbing all that unpleasant stuff you don't want to be breathing in 


    SLING it over hangers or off an edge

    A great way to deodorize your front closet to keep your favorite coat fresh and shoe odours at bay.


    CUT it into 3 individual mini freshners.

    Perfectly sized to freshen small spaces and items such as Drawers, Pillows, Shoes, Mittens, Skates and more.