Aircoal® Scent-Free Air Freshener™

Whole Home Detox Box (10pcs)

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Because you should be rewarded with a deep discount for wanting to reduce packaging! 


9 MINI JUTE SACK deodorizers (includes 100g of plant-based charcoal in each sack)

  •  Canadian graphic artist designed jute sacks
  •  Refillable velcro top closure

1 box of FRIDGEPLUS (100g of plant-based charcoal)

  • Convenient Canadian design to replace 6-12 boxes of baking soda in your fridge 


NOT included:

All the retail packaging that normally helps us steal precious retail shelf space away from big brand chemical air fresheners in big box stores.

Will be shipped inside a cardboard box with no extra packaging or plastic

Packed and shipped to order to maintain freshness, but it is recommended that you put all pouches outdoors in the sun before you use them indoors. 

How much you save:

Sold individually all this would cost $99.99

Special buy price while supplies last


• Eco-friendly - Filled with powerful 100% plant-based activated charcoals

• Long lasting - 6 months up to 1 year 

• Easy maintenance - Put outside in the sun 1 hour per month to recharge


Here's a typical example how one customer uses all 10 deodorizers

• 1 Jute in her Car because she loves her German Shepard but not the smell

• 1 Jute in the Bathroom because nothing smells cleaner than no smell at all 

• 1 Jute hanging in the family Shoe Closet because...well you get the picture

• 1 single Green pouch at the bottom of each of their 3 laundry hampers to keep the dank and stank away

• 1 Jute stowed with Camping Gear to keep it fresh, dry and smoky free for next season 

• 1 Jute stuffed in the kid's Hockey Gear 'cause without them it's simply unbearable

• 1 Jute in the Musty Basement because it got rid of that lingering damp smell after the repair due to water damage

• 1 Jute in the Kitchen above their stove so her friends don't smell the bacon that was fried up for Saturday breakfast

• 1 Jute in the RV because if you own one you know it's not for the smell that you do

• FridgePLUS in the Fridge (1 to deodorize and the other in the Crisper drawer because she noticed it helps to keep her veggies up to 2x longer and nobody likes wilted Kale)

Her dark little secret to the shiny green leaved potted houseplants which are now the envy of all her friends? Mixing the spent charcoals from out of the pouches of last year's deodorizers straight into the soil...shhhh it's a natural plant based biochar that's great for plants.