Shrunken Food Sack Air Freshener

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Shrunken but magical. Kind of like those dangly head thingys from Harry Potter

Why trust these weird little sacks to absorb odours and chemicals?

Because, they're filled with the same active ingredient (Activated Coconut Husk Charcoal) historically trusted by the military for protection against chemical gases.  Look 'er up here.

Ok, but what magic can these little widgets really conjure up without air flow?

Negatively charged carbon ions naturally attract positively charged odour and VOC ions. Magic. Watch for your self.

Now that you've got the motion've caught yourself imagining what these magical little so and so's will do for your favourite military grade biological odours, fun time smells, chemical gases and the like.

• Recharges from the sun

• Lasts up to 1 year 

• Recycles to soil