Activated Charcoal Refillable Air Freshener

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Did you ever lose sleep over why so many traditional air fresheners are chemically synthesized to smell like food but made to cover up the smells of real food or other odours?

Hopefully not, but we did and this is the result.

Yeah, it woukd be nice to get a bit more sleep. What we really want however, is to provide the world with healthier, non-scented solutions to our epic battle with odour.

So what makes this a uniquely effective odour eliminator?

Well for one, it's filled with the same active ingredient used in the gas masks of World War 1 to protect against chemical gas warfare. COCONUT Husk Charcoal! No, seriously look it up here.

Ok, but how can it work just sitting in a room or with no air flow? Here’s where it gets really scientifically amazing. Carbon is negatively charged while odour and VOC molecules are positive so it acts like an air purifying magnet. See what it does to smoke here. Now imagine what this technology will do against a few of your little household odours and domesticated gases in your own home. 

• Recharges 1 hr monthly via the Sun's UV rays

• Lasts up to 1 year 

• Recycles directly to your soil as Biochar

So what's the deal with the JUTE, HEMP AND BAMBOO?

While toying with this idea of simulated food scents masking real food odours, this line of fresheners took shape as small scale novelty versions of old style, natural JUTE sacks after late night brainstorming sessions. 

HEMP AND BAMBOO? It’s what we used to solve the challenge of “How to hang it?” by creating a simple, eco-elegant "Stirrup" that allows our little fresheners the freedom to hang around and loiter in all those usual places where odour is really your most unwanted guest.

Ultimately, this is our stong little Canadian opinion of what an air freshener ought to be. Odour absorbing, scent-free and apparently long winded in it’s explaination. Whew!

What non-scents keeps you up at night? (Mind the pun)