Canadian wool dryer balls handmade on Vancouver Island (Set of 3 balls)

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What do you do when you are 2 new moms with 2 new daughters born 7 weeks apart and you refuse to use chemically scented dryer sheets, but also happen to be best friends with a flair for craft and entrepreneurism?

If you're Kim LaVigne and Stephanie VanRoode of Nanaimo, BC you make 100% Canadian sourced wool dryer balls right here on Vancouver Island.


The benefits of all wool dryer balls?

1.  Your clothes fluffy and you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oils on them to keep your laundry smelling fresh without exposing your body to the negative health effects of heavy chemical scents in Dryer sheets.

2. When used 3 at a time, wool dryer balls will shorten your dry times by up to 25% and are good for 1000 washes. We've done the math and these pay for themselves in electricity savings while living chemical free and supporting a family enterprise. 

 See what the David Suzuki Foundation has to say about wool dryer balls: