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"Benson Bee" drawn by Siena Tio (8yo in 2020) with lettering by Xavier Tio (12yo in 2020)

Originally made as a birthday gift in 2020 for their cousin Carter Tan (@BeeBensonBee) of Nanaimo to commemorate 3.7 million views of his Tik Tok video


Artist BIO

SIENA CATERINA TIO born April 23, 2012 in Nanaimo, BC is an aspiring graphic artist who has a passion for gymnastics, ballet, baking and drawing. 

When she is not drawing or doing DIY crafts she finds from YouTube (which is a lot of the time), Siena is busy doing homework, baking, feeding goats, climbing trees or harvesting fruits and vegetables on our Vancouver Island hobby farm.

Her art practice is inspired by the pop culture references from her favourite shows and toys such as "Shopkins", Marvel and DC Super Heros and "Gumball"

When asked, Siena says she would like be a Baker or Artist one day.